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We are engaged in high quality"Flexible Cables"of different range. Products offered by us are manufactured using finest quality raw materials procured from registered vendors. Our cables are manufactured in accordance to the specifications of"Is- 694. These wires are brought into application for"household and industrial lightening purpose."Flexible cables being a good conductor of electricity is suitable for a voltage range of 1100 volts.

Multipurpose Flexible Cable

Flexible Cables

Techno flex make We offer wide assortment of Flexible Cables used in various purposes. Our flexible cables are Manufactured using Annled copper conductor with PVC insulation. Our range of single and multi-core flexible cables are manufactured as per Is - 694 Specifications.

Techno Flex deals in high quality cables according to IS : 694 : 1990 for house hold and industrial lightening purpose. We never compromise to use sub-standard raw material instead of high standard & hence Techno Flex consistently remain with the high degree of quality.
These cables are suitable for fixed wiring, flexible operation & for use on AC single phase systems for rated voltage up to and including 1100 Volts. These cab s can be used on DC systems for rated voltage up to & including 1500 Volts to earth.
Construction Details


Solid / Stranded / Multistranded high conductivity annealed copper wires to meet the requirements according to IS : 8130 : 1984. Copper gets corrode in the atmosphere where sulphur fumes are present, in such conditions Tinned Copper should be used.


Elastomer PVC suitable to withstand maximum rated continuous operating temperature upto 70°C of conductor & the rated voltage upto and including 1100 Volts.


Insulation suitable to withstand maximum rated continuous operating temperature upto 70°C of conductor & the rated voltage above 1100 Volts.


Heat resisting compound for maximum rated conductor temperature 85°C to the rated voltage upto & including 1100, Volts. We always print HR85

LAYING UP: In case of Multicore cables, cores are laid up with suitable equidistance lay at right hand side direction.

SHEATH: The over coating of PVC over the single core insulated wire or multi core laid up wires is called the sheath. The compound should be as per IS :.5831 : 1984 but dimension should be according to IS : 694 : 1990. We consider the customer requirement according to their special use.